Laser diode tester APC-101

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Basic function
  1. It has LIV curve function and scan slop of current can be set for 3 ranges.
  2. It can measure DVF.
  3. It can measure IR.
  4. There are 10 settings of package can be set.
  5. It can be linked with PC.
  6. The curve can be drawed by PC.
VOP 0.000V ~ 10.000V
IOP 0.00mA ~ 400.00mA
0.0mA ~ 1000.0mA
IM 0.000mA ~ 4.000mA
LDIR VR 0.00V ~ 10.00V
IR 0.00uA ~ 40.00uA
PDIR VR 0.00V ~ 10.00V
IR 0.00uA ~ 40.00uA
PO 0.000 ~ 10.000mA
0.000 ~ 100.00mA

Test pin:
Item Pin 1 Pin 2  Pin3
1 N (LD) P N (PD) P
2 P (LD) N N (PD) P
3 P (LD) N P (PD) N
4 P (PD) N P (LD) N
5 P (PD) N N (LD) P
6 N (PD) P N (LD) P
7 N (LD) P
  P(PD) N
8 P (LD) N
N(PD) P  
9 P (LD) N
10 N (LD) P