Mix color UV tester 20V/2000mA

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Basic function

Basic function

  1. Electric characteristics: VF, DVF, VFD, VZ and IR
  2. Optical characteristics: LOP, λp, λd, λc, hw, purity, (x,y), CCT, CRI
  3. To avoid misjudgment, it is kelvin measurement and has the contact resistance function.
  4. Polarity determination and preheating function.
  5. It'sworkable for linking to automatic machine.
  6. It can connect with ESD. (Optional.)
  7. It's available for 4-dices in single package and it also has mix color test.
  8. The device must have one pin in common.

Specific function

  1. The minimum of VF is 0.1uA.
  2. The maximum of VR is 200V.
  3. HBM mode is 8000V when linking to ESD.
  4. Data analysis. (LEDDispensing software only.)
  5. Yield observation and searching data. (LEDPreRealTime software only.)
  6. I-V curve function. (LED software only.)
  7. Operation is easy.
IF 2000mA
VF 20V
IZ 1000µA
VR 200V

Dimension 48.5(W)*52(L)*22(H)cm
Weight 18.98KG
AC input power 110V/220V
Watt 732W