RG tester

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Basic function

Resistance and capacitance measurement - It can measure capacity of MOSFET RG.

Test item Measured name Measurement Source name Source
Unit Range Resolution Unit Range Resolution
RG RG Ω 0.2~100 ±0.2 Fix frequency Mhz 1 ±0.00002
CG F 10p~0.1u 2%±5p Mhz 0.1 ±0.02%
  Level Vrms 1 ±2%±0.01V
Vrms 0.5 ±5%±0.01V
Vrms 0.2 ±5%±0.01V
Vrms 0.1 ±5%±0.01V
BIAS Voltage V 0~4.00 ±0.01
Conta CONTA-G Ω 0.000~10.000 ±3%+2cont Conta I A 0.1 ±1%+2cont
CONTA-D Ω 0.000~10.000 ±3%+2cont
CONTA-S Ω 0.000~10.000 ±3%+2cont
Description of test regulation
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