Burn-in Driver

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Basic function

Main power:

  1. LEDs are connected in common Anode connection ; There are 10 current boards in cabinet; Each current board can provide 40 sets of current source.
  2. Highest VF voltage
  3. Provide 400 current source: IF = 0~200mA ± (1%+1mA)
  4. Burn-in LED;
  5. Provide PWM output, the on/off duty time may set from 1.0mS ~ 9.99S.
  6. The settings are entered via panel key sw.
  7. Every 20 current sources form a group. You can only set one current value for each group. Every current source in the same group will output the same current. There are 20 groups in one LBV400. There are 2 ways for setting.
  8. Each group has independent current display. The settings are entered via panel key sw.(VF parameter can not be read.)
  9. Set by PC.
  10. VF = 0.0 ~ 5.0 ± (2%+0.1V)
0~200mA 400 LED
0~400mA  200 LED
0~800mA 100 LED
0~1000mA 80 LED
0~2000mA  40 LED
0~4000mA 20 LED
The burn-in PCB’s layout or wire connection need to be changed for different configuration.