4-dies LED tester

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Basic function


  1. Tested with a reference LED should eliminate the influence from heat of reference LED and enviornment.
  2. Power Line Cycle Filter function need to be used for low S/N ration condition.


  1. Calibrated with a Standard LED with spectrum mismatch adjustment
  2. λd, Purity and CCT are calculated from (x, y) refer to (x,y) for accuracy
  3. A LED with narrow spectrum width and obvious peak is better for λp accuracy verification
  4. With spectrum calibration of entire test system. ( Using stanadrd UV lighting source to calibrate UV range of spectrum.)
  5. Dimension:: 48.5*53*24cm
  6. Device is single diode and calibrated with standard LED. λd is for visual LED.
  7. It can measure 4 dices synchronously.
  8. If voltage of device is less than 20V, bad contact might make prober melt.
Test Item Test Condition   Reading
Source Voltage Range Resolution Accuracy Test time Outcome Range Resolution Reproducibility Accuracy Note
Polarity IF Same as VF test Find polarity, no test reading
Pre-Heat IF Same as VF test Source only, no test reading
VF IF 40v 0.0010~0.4000mA 0.0001mA ±(1%+0.0002mA) 99mS VF 0.001~10.000V 0.001V ±0.02V ±(0.25%+0.04V) 7
0.401~4.000mA 0.001mA ±(1%+0.002mA)
4.01~40.00mA 0.01mA ±(1%+0.02mA) 10.01~40.00V 0.01V ±0.02V ±(0.25%+0.04V)
40.1~400.0mA 0.1mA ±(1%+0.2mA)
DVF IF Same as VF test DVF Same as VF test
VFD IFD 0 ->100uA Proximity VFD 0.001~8.000V 0.01V ±0.02V Proximity 7
0 ->25mA
VZ IZ 200V 0.01~40.00uA 0.01uA ±(1%+0.02uA) 99mS VZ 0.1~200.0V 0.1V ±0.2V ±(0.5%+0.2V) 7
40.1~400.0uA 0.1uA ±(1%+0.2uA)
401~1000uA 1uA ±(1%+2uA)
IR VR 400uA 0.1~200.0V 0.1V ±(0.5%+0.2V) 99mS IR 0.000~4.000uA 0.001uA ±0.005uA ±(1%+0.002uA) 7
4.01~40.00uA 0.01uA ±0.05uA ±(1%+0.02uA)
40.1~400.0uA 0.1uA ±0.5uA ±(1%+0.2uA)
(Iv, Ie or flux)
IF Same as VF test
(UV LED should be detected by UV sensor.
(Iv, Ie or flux)
0.000~4.000 0.001 ±1% ±2% 1
4.01~40.00 0.01
40.1~400.0 0.1
spectrum IF
 1. Same as VF test.
 2. CCD is 2048 pixel.
 3. The least ST is 0.2 mS.
λd 380.0~700.0nm 0.1nm ±0.3nm ±0.5nm 2,3,4
λc 370.0~720.0nm 0.1nm ±0.3nm ±0.5nm 4
λp 380.0~1000.0nm 0.1nm ±0.3nm ±0.5nm 3,4
HW 3.0~600.0nm 0.1nm ±0.3nm  ±0.5nm 4
Purity 0.000~1.000 0.001 ±0.001 ±0.002 2,4
CIE x,y 0.0000~1.0000 0.0001 ±0.0005 ±0.001 4
CCT 1000~25000°K 1°K ±50°K ±100°K 2,4