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Company Introduction


For you, we start from the heart.

Established in Taichung Taiwan, in 1984, Wei Min Industrial Co. Ltd. began as a manufacturer of diode testers, injection molding machine control systems and scale feeding systems. After 30 years of dedication from the five members at the beginning, the management team has expanded to over 30 members. With a professional and enthusiastic attitude, Wei Min develops professionals continuously and provides a comfortable working environment not surprisingly with an ever growing annual turnover. Wei Min’s building land area is 770 square feet and factory area is 1300 square.
Since being established, Wei Min has been positively involved in test equipment development. Products from diode testers are gradually expanded to the below products: High-pressure diode tester, LD(laser) tester, LED (light-emitting diode) tester, LED Goniophotometer, ESD electrostatic discharge simulator, Burn-in test system, Light bar image system, Light distribution test system. Upholding consistency, professional standards, quality assurance, dedication to service, customization service and an entrepreneurial spirit, Wei Min owns “WEI MIN” brand marketing domestically and abroad. Wei Min utilizes only the best-know technology factories and holds the highest market share in the domestic market.

Professional Standards
Connected to the world, Wei Min always providing customer service with a dedicated heart. Wei Min’s quality is approved and high admired in the industry. Aiming to be an international testing expert thus views from customers’ are considered as priority. Wei Min is dedicated to developing more innovative added-value and creating future advantages.
Quality Assurance
Wei Min’s quality-control team assures the best quality management. Through all the processes from feeding inspection, quality inspection, heat verification, packing, and shipping are all operated by professional employees. Quality is stable and can be shipped out immediately. Every product has a unique inspection report, being checked at all levels for customer’s assurance, this reduces product failure rate.

Dedication To Service
Applying the principles of integrity and honesty, Wei Min’s customer service team also treats customers with the same faith. The team establishes good relationships with customers and takes customers’ requirements as precedence. Solving customers’ questions and planning the most complete strategy. Maintaining a long-term cooperation with customers is a main priority. Moreover, Wei Min’s customer service team is saturated with professional knowledge and pursues innovations. The team aims to be a multi-dimensional service team and offer the best service to all customers.

Customization Service
Wei Min pioneers customization service among the field. Possessing rich software and hardware R&D engineers, professional division of labor for skills and software application with user-friendly interface, Wei Min not only grasps customer’s needs and contrive the best product service for customers but also assist customers’ productivity to achieve the highest peak. From 2007, Wei Min started to join unions such as Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export, TEEIA (ex TOSEA), Taiwan LED Street Light Industry, LED Lighting Industry Cluster. This enriches professional knowledge of customer service employees. Train more R&D professionals. Encourage continuously all employees to pursue innovations. Develop innovation based on technology. Promote actively quality policy.

For customers, we always start from “heart”, taking humanity as the core thinking. Perceive customers’ needs. Strive to offer the best quality and highest value of moving. Provide immediate service. We expect every customer to be more satisfied. Your trust is the power of Wei Min.