Burn-in Current Source System
LB-400 Series Burin-in Test System
  1. Burin in LED with common anode construction.
  2. With 400 current source 0~200mA±(1%+1mA).
  3. Independent current source set in group.
  4. Independent T on/T off intermittent turn-on and turn-off time setting in group.
  5. With timer function. Lights on when counting up and switching off when counting down to zero.
  6. Independent display and keypad. Capable to connect with PC. PC can control and set up schedule.
  7. Expandable. Current and voltage can be increased with changed components.
LED-33 Series Support Burin-in Test System
  1. Electrical and optical test (including light mixing test).
  2. Measure mcd and mW (specified style) at the same time.
  3. Convert test value to curves to facilitate observation of material changes.
  4. Estimate material life according to test data.
  5. Set up move stroke according to different PC board.
  6. Collect test data and make analysis report.